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The Lost
"Why don't they release so-and-so?  Hopefully this list will help -- fell free to correct and/or add!

I get a lot of visitors to my site from every end of the film production world, and those who knew people in that world -- if you have tapes, the actual tapes or bootleg copies, of any score below, please contact me; you can remain annonymous -- I just want to help hunt these things down and let them have the remastered, legal release many of us hope for. See the index page for e-mail.

Almost every single entry here comes from posts by label heads, like Lukas (, Roger (, Bruce (, so forth, over years.

  1. A Big Hand for the Little Lady (David Raksin)

  2. A King Without Distraction (Maurice Jarre)
    Missing/possibly no longer exist.

  3. Alien 3 (Elliot Goldenthal)
    I can't find it at this time, but I recall a post by MV Gerhard (at FSM) saying the masters were badly damanged or missing.

  4. Amazing Stories: "Family Dog" (Danny Elfman)
    When Intrada tried to release the complete score, they could not find the masters.  Missing in action, currently, but they're out there somewhere.

  5. Apache (David Raksin)

  6. At Earth's Core (Mike Vickers)
    Lost to time (reported by Ford Thaxton).

  7. Baby Boom (Bill Conti)
    Supposedly missing.

    Another catch-all from an FSM poster:
    Non FOX Herrmann masters known to be missing:

    -Citizen Kane
    -The Devil and Daniel Webster *
    -The Magnificent Ambersons
    -On Dangerous Ground *
    -Psycho *
    -Jason and the Argonauts
    -Fahrenheit 451 *
    -The Bride Wore Black *
    -Twisted Nerve *
    -Battle of Neretva *
    -The Night Digger *
    -Endless Night
    -Sisters *
    -It's Alive *

    Unknown: Naked and the Dead (Heard rumors that it exists)

    *At least partially surviving in other format (acetates, VINYL master, mix-downs, stems, etc)
  9. Black Belt Jones (Luchi De Jesus)
    Masters missing. On August 21, 2011, Lukas Kendall posted at the FSM forum:
    The two Dennis Coffey tracks are at WB Records (from the single) but the Luchi De Jesus score is lost and there is nothing usable at WB to do a soundtrack album. Sorry!


  10. Black Moon Rising (Lalo Schifrin; Brian Banks and Anthony Marinelli [additional])
    Masters missing. On October 4, 2015, record producer Ford A. Thaxton posted at the FSM forum (of course the same was said of "Conan the Barbarian" until the studio archieve was checked and there it was on the shelf):
    The tapes are gone!

    Schifrin doesn't have anything, nor do Anthony Marinelli or Brian Banks.

    I tried to do some years back and nothing could be found.


  11. Blood and Sand (David Buttolph, Alfred Newman)
    Gone with the wind. Some sources claim that while Newman is credited for the score, he was actually a music director and the score was done by David Buttolph.
    On October 28, 2007, Ray Faiola (CR Studios) posted at the FSM forum:
    We've done a search for BLOOD AND SAND. I'm afraid it didn't survive.

  12. Boom! (John Barry; Michel Legrand [rejected]; John Dankworth [rejected])
    Missing, as reported by Ford thaxton back in 2008; no word on Legrand's rejected score, or Dankworth's rejectd score.  However, I assume a mastering of the LP content would be possible, and maybe masters for that are still around...

  13. Buck Rogers In the 25th Century: "Awakenings" (Stu Phillips)
    On October 14, 2013, when asked about why the pilot score wasn't on the 3CD set of scores from season one, Roger replied:
    The masters on Awakening are gone.

  14. The Bride Wore Black (Bernard Herrmann)
    Masters missing.

  15. Chisum (Dominic Frontiere)

  16. Combat! (Leonard Rosenman)
    Missing. No word on that one episode George Bassman scored.
    UPDATE: Film Music Society released a CD or rare Rosenman scores and included on it was some score from this series; FMS goes on to say on their site that this was the only existing music they could find.

  17. Conan the Barbarian (Basil Poledouris)
    Masters damaged; though there is another source (supposedly some tapes in Basil's own archive), but it would be fantastic if somebody out there had tapes...
    CORRECTION: Mid 2011, Intrada Records announced it was releasing both Conan scores, and when they checked, the found the masters right there on the shelf in the studio. They will be in stereo, as opposed to the Varese Sarabande releases.

  18. Crack In the World (Johnny Douglas)
    Threw them away.

  19. Danger: Diabolik (Ennio Morricone)

  20. Danger Man: "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove" (Edwin Astley)
    Missing. The 5CD set of score from the seires did not include this score, as the liner notes clarified:
    This episode appears to have a substantially new music score composed by Edwin Astley, although all of this, excepting JD159, appears to be missing.

  21. Dead Calm (Graeme Revell)
    Long story short, but there are no tapes, never were (odd story), but that only begs the question ... where did the bootleg come from?

  22. Dracula (John Williams)
    Good quality masters for the whole score, are missing.

  23. Face of A Fugitive (Jerry Goldsmith)
    Supposedly missing.

  24. The Fall of the Roman Empire (Tiomkin)
    Full masters missing, that's why La La Land Records' 2012 release is only expanded a little in comparrison to older releases.

  25. The Fearless Vampire Killers (Krzysztof Komeda)

  26. Frenzy (rejected score, Henry Mancini)
    Missing. Supposedly the tapes to Goodwin's replacement score are safe.

  27. Fuzz (Dave Grusin)

  28. Un Genio, Due Compari, Un Pollo (Ennio Morricone)
    In August, 2014, when Quartet Records released a new CD of the LP material remastered, they added after somebody asked at the Film Score Monthly forum:
    (August 27, 2014) The tapes with the recording session of The Genius are lost or destroy, nothing found in the Sugar or composer archives. The album version is the only available source. Sorry.

  29. Green Dolphin Street (Bronislau Kaper)
    Deteriorated beyond use.

  30. Geronimo (Hugo Friedhofer)
    According to Roger Feigelson, resident Head Hampster of Intrada Records.  Douglass Fake also backed this up saying they were missing.

  31. The Getaway (Quincy Jones)
    Missing; the reason FSM didn't release his score when they released Fielding's rejected score.

  32. Ghostbusters II (Randy Edelman)
    Missing. In late 2011, in a reply on the Film Score Monthly messege board to a fan asking about a release of the film, La La Land Records head, MV Gerhard, replied the tapes could not be found.
    CORRECTION: In mid 2014, reportedly the tapes have been found a release is due from an unspecified label.

  33. God's Gun (Sante Maria Romitelli)
    A forum user over at the Intrada Records said, February 16, 2011:
    I was in contact with the soundtrack label FIN DE SIECLE MEDIA, about releasing this treasure of a score since they had released a couple of other Romitelli scores.
    They investigated the matter but found out that the masters for GOD'S GUN was missing from the Italian Romitelli Vaults.

  34. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (Miklos Rozsa)
    A 2007 FSM article says the masters are "reportedly" lost.
    CORRECTION: About a year after I put this list online, it slipped under my radar of updating that the masters had apparently been found, and as a result Prometheus Records released a 2CD set: LINK

  35. Good Morning, Vietnam (Alex North)
    Masters are trying to be found, but so far missing.

  36. Hallelujah Trail (Elmer Bernstein)
    When a poster made a comment about the tapes for the score being found, head of Intrada Records, Roger Feigelson, posted in the Intrada forums on April 4, 2013:
    They were found...just had been destroyed by flooding in the Northridge earthquake.

  37. The Haunting (Humphrey Searle)
    Masters missing.

  38. Horror Express (John Cacavas)
    Supposedly missing -- need clarification on this.

  39. The House on Carroll Street (Georges Delerue)
    CORRECTION: The tapes were found and on December 5, 2012, Music Box Records released it (now SOLD OUT).

  40. The Invaders (TV series; Dominic Frontiere)
    Mr. Frontiere has no copies and doesn't know if there are any.

  41. The Invaders (TV series; Irving Getz)
    Mr. Getz doesn't have his either.

  42. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Carmen Dragon)
    In October, 2007, FSM member scorechaser stated: "I heard from Lukas, that that score is lost."

  43. It's Alive (Bernard Herrmann)
    UPDATE: Film Score Monthly member musickco said in a forum post dated March 21, 2005:
    "I have a copy of the score - given to me by engineer Bob Auger (with whom I worked on many occasions). The tape is mono and at 7 1/2 ips. It is currently in storage. And yes, Bob told me that he would not supply the tapes for use in the sequel as he had not been paid."

  44. Jesus of Nazareth (Maurice Jarre)
    Missing, but there is hope they might be hiding somewhere.

  45. Key Largo (Max Steiner)
    Stated by Ray Faiola on March 5, 2015 at the Film Score Monthly message board:
    KEY LARGO survives nearly complete. THE BIG SLEEP is completely missing in action. What a pity! But Gerhardt's suite is terrific.

  46. Kings of the Sun (Elmer Bernstein)

  47. Lawrence of Arabia (Maurice Jarre)
    Studio threw out the masters to make room in the vault, Jarre didn't make it in time to save them from a landfill. :-(
    This story, as I recall, was recounted by FilmScoreMonthly messege board member manderlay; as I recall, this was the only title he mentioned by name.  Apparently they sent him [Jarre] a card informing him those tapes (along with other stuff) were going to be tossed out to make space, but Jarre didn't get there (or get the note -- I forget which) in time.

  48. The Last Hard Men (rejected score, Leonard Rosenman)
    UPDATE: The tapes were found and on December 10, 2012, Intrada Records released the score (now discontinued).

  49. LINK (Jerry Goldsmith)
    Posted by Intrada Records head Roger at the Intrada forum on July 26th, 2010:
    "Actually, I will be more candid than I usually am. We have a license to re-issue LINK. Unfortunately, the elements are completely MIA."

  50. The Liquidator (Lalo Schifrin)
    Masters are missing, that's why FSM had to use a vinyl source.

  51. The Mackintosh Man (Maurice Jarre)
    Missing/possibly no longer exist.  A cue was on a recent Jarre Box set, but that may be all that survives, or a piece that was found. Until such time a label head or studio executive can put this to bed and that tapes have been located, I still consider this entry accurate.
    NOTE: Evident more score was found as on April 2, 2013, Intrada Records released it (paired with another score).

  52. Man of the West (Leigh Harline)

  53. Miss Marple (Ron Goodwin)

  54. Mister Moses (John Barry)
    Missing.  And if Dominic Frontiere, who was hired first, recorded a score, that's probably gone, too.

  55. Moonraker (John Barry)
    Complete score whereabouts unknown. Supposedly destroyed as the below information states, but somebody has told me otherwise.
    Stephane Lerouge, the head Universal Jazz soundtracks in France in the collection "ecoutez le cinema", gave a long and very interesting interview for the french website UNDERSCORES (thanks Starfe wink ) in order to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their 1st release. Among many things, he talks about MOONRAKER. This is what he says :

    " in 1992, I attended a recording session in the Studio Davout in Paris where the MOONRAKER soundtrack had been recorded. The Film had been shot and edited in France because it was a French co-production. The tapes had been stored in Davout and, some 15 years ago, Davout sent a series of letters to producers and music editors saying "Some time ago, you worked in Davout and we have a room filled with tapes. Maybe some of them belong to you. If you do not claim them within 3 months, the unclaimed tapes will be destroyed". Some composers like Vladimir Cosma or Claude Bolling, ran to Davout in order to save their tapes. And this how the Moonraker tapes disappeared : Nobody at MGM went there to get them. But did the MGM executives receive the letter frm Davout? I don't know. Because in the midtime, UA had closed their offices in Paris and their catalogue had been tranfered to MGM. This how Moonraker remains one of Barry's last Holy Graal, but still an unreachable Graal. The only thing we ca hope for, is a re-recording."

  56. Murder by Death (Dave Grusin)
    Only a portion of the score can be found. La La Land Records was asked about the possibility of a release on their Facebook page and they replied back on November 22 (presumably 2015):
    Stephane Lerouge, the head Universal Jazz soundtracks in France in the collection "ecoutez le cinema", gave a long and very interesting interview for the french website UNDERSCORES (thanks Starfe wink ) in order to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their 1st release. Among many things, he talks about MOONRAKER. This is what he says :

    "Dream of ours as well, but sadly only a portion of the score has survived. Perhaps one day."

  57. 1900 (Ennio Morricone)

  58. Night Moves (Michael Small)

  59. The Night Visitor (Henry Mancini)
    One March 23, 2015 Quartet Records released what they could, saying in their announcement:
    The only surviving material from The Night Visitor is the 18-minute suite prepared by Mancini and Tony Thomas, previously released by Citadel Records on LP and CD. The music has been reconfigured and reedited for the main program on this CD (with the original suite included as a bonus), offering a chronological reconstruction of the only surviving cues from the score.

  60. Nomads (Bill Conti)
    Missing. In a post at the Intrada message boards, Intrada head Roger Feigelson said June 22, 2013:
    We can't find the masters on NOMADs...I'm sorry!

  61. On the Right Track (Arthur B. Rubinstein)
    Missing. In a post at the Intrada message boards, Intrada head Roger Feigelson said February 7, 2014:
    Murder in Space would be great -- but it was recorded in Canada, so cross that off the list.

    I'd love to do On the Right Track -- but the masters are missing.

  62. The Order (Pino Donaggio)
    Heavily damaged. In a post at the FSM message boards, member The Cat (Hubai, the author of the book Torn Music) said March 31, 2012:
    Unforunately the music to The Order will most likely not be released due to the tapes being heavily damaged due to unforseen problems in the post-production.
    Hubai has been writing notes and occassionally producing some film score releases and would have this kind of knowledge.

    This is a general catch-all for Mr. Dunlap's work.  A member of the messege board reported a few years back that Mr. Dunlap had not kept copies of his scores and they were all thrown in a landfill.  If you find yourself pining over a score of his, the only way to hear it will be watching the movie or TV series (I assume, though, CBS might have the tapes for that one episode of "Gunsmoke" he scored).
    One person, vinylscrubber, reported these specifically as no longer existing in one thread:

  64. Pit and the Pendulum (Les Baxter)

  65. The Power (Miklos Rozsa)
    Deteriorated beyond use.
    CORRECTION: Sometime after making this entry -- which was and still is accurate -- Film Score Monthly found copies of the complete score and released it on their 15 CD boxset: Miklos Rozsa Treasury.

  66. The President’s Analyst (Lalo Schifrin)
    One March 23, 2015 Quartet Records released what they could, saying in their announcement:
    Sadly, the only available source for The President’s Analyst was the mono music stems, but we have made a big effort to restore them as much as possible. We have evened out the up-and-down shifts in volume and minimized the small bits of dialogue that bled into the audio masters. We think the end result is satisfactory—and the music is well worth the effort!

  67. The Purple Plain (John Veale)
    No longer exists.

  68. Pursuit (TV movie) (Jerry Goldsmith)
    Deteriorated completely.

  69. QBVII (Jerry Goldsmith)

  70. Quo Vadis (Miklos Rozsa)
    Good quality masters are missing.

  71. Race With the Devil (Leonard Rosenman)
    Damaged beyond repair.

  72. Raise the Titanic (John Barry)
    Lukas ( tried, and tried to find them; no luck.

  73. Real Men (Miles Goodman)
    La La Land Records were interested in it but couldn't find the tapes.

  74. The Reivers (John Williams; Lalo Schifrin [rejected])
    Good, complete masters supposedly missing.  No word on the rejected score, though I assume if it were around, Schifrin's label would have gotten to it by now.

  75. Return to the Planet of the Apes (Dean Elliott)
    La La Land Records were interested in it but couldn't find the tapes, saying on the Film Score Monthly forum on December 30, 2014:
    We looked for the Apes animated series but nothing could be located. :-(

  76. Revenge of the Ninja (Robert J. Walsh & others)
    Missing, possibly damaged beyond use.

    CORRECTION: In the middle of 2015, Walsh commented on his Facebook page the tapes had been found after 32 years and the score was being remastered for a release on Varese Sarabande Records. As of February, 2016, the release has yet to be announced.

  77. The Right Stuff (Bill Conti; John Barry [demos])
    Missing. The Varese Sarabande CD Club release of soem of the score states in the liner notes this, and that's why an alternate source with only some of the score, was used.
    Nothing has ever been said of the Barry demos, which he once commented on in an interview.

  78. The Road Warrior (Brian May)
    Missing; supposedly erased and recorded over (a sad practice of some studios back then).

  79. Run For the Sun (Fred Steiner)

  80. The Salemander (Jerry Goldsmith)
    Whereabouts unknown.

  81. The Savage Innocents (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
    The film score label Kronos Records mentioned they were not available in a Film Score Monthly post in early October, 2013, and when I asked more specifically, the reply was:
    The tapes for SAVAGE INNOCENTS are completely missing in the Lavagnino estate.

  82. Shamus (Jerry Goldsmith)
    Stated by Lukas Kendall in a July 3, 2003 FSM post, among other info':
    The other is that the Columbia lot moved twice in its history (at least!) and very little was saved. They have virtually NOTHING prior to the '70 or even ''s really too bad, as all those wonderful George Duning scores are likely gone. I believe there are acetates only for On the Waterfront...nothing in the way of scoring masters for Lawrence of Arabia. I asked about Seamus and it is lost... they had the Dick Shores 1975 TV Seamus and that's it!

  83. Shock Waves (Richard Einhorn)
    Mr. Einhorn, when a fan inquired with him via e-mail, said the masters are missing.
    CORRECTION: The masters were found an in early 2015, Howlin' Wolf Records will release the score.

  84. Sinful Davey (rejected; John Barry)
    Water damaged. No word on Ken Thorne's replacement score.

  85. The Spanish Gardener (John Veale)
    No longer exists.

  86. Spider-Man (animated series; Ray Ellis)
    Reportedly the masters are missing.

  87. Star Trek: The Animated Series (Ray Ellis, under the pseudonym "Yvette Blais" and Norm Prescott, under the pseudonym "Jeff Michael")
    Destroyed. As reproduced from somebody who wanted to remain annonymous:
    "I have been talking at length with xxxx, the fellow responsible for the ...Filmation shows. He told me that, before "Entertainment Rights" took posession of them, when Hallmark (the card company who put so much of their jargon into "caring") had the rights to the Filmation libraries, they digitized the shows themselves only from the 16MM broadcast prints and deliberately destroyed all the rest including the 35mm FX masters, raw film clips, bloopers and everything else that was archived belonging to Filmation. That includes the original music masters as well!
    ALL of it is gone forever.
    Hallmark owned the Filmation libraries with actual disdain and were even known for telling off fans who inquired about the shows, responding with things such as "we hate that junk and we're never going to release any of it ever" and such things.
    They digitized only the shows themselves strictly for the purpose of selling them to the company who would actually seek to release them, Entertainment Rights. Much like the vindictive and selfish kid in a sandbox who no longer wants a toy but would rather destroy it than let his friend have it, Hallmark deliberately destroyed everything except the shows themselves.
    So, we'll never get the music from those shows. Ever.
    Oh well. At least we do get the shows. Entertainment Rights at least is doing the best they can to make what's left available now. Ark-II is currently available on DVD, as is Space Academy. Jason of Star Command will be released in the spring, and Isis will be released later. More may follow."
    In Late July, 2012 after reading the masters for the "Spider-Man" animated series wre missing (Ray Ellis), too, again (at another board), I decided to do my own little search on the tapes for that and the animated Trek show, contacting the sons of Ray Ellis and Norm Prescott -- the composers (who did the scoring under fakes names).

    So far, it's not been good news. Jeffrey Ellis, a lawyer, doesn't have anything, and he's forwarded me to Marc Ellis -- awaiting reply.
    Marc is a composer himself, following in his father's footsteps.

    Jeff Prescott says he has nothing, sadly. He says the same about Michael Prescott. Hence where the fake name "Jeff Michael" came from on ST:TAS.
    Jeff is a co-host on a radio podcast called "Berger & Prescott". He's got a big, manly mustache that makes you think he's gonna break out into a Vaudeville dance with top hat and cane. At least, that's what I thought when I saw the photo.

    Take it for what it's worth: but one person who worked at Paramount, said about 20 years ago, he saw ST:TAS on the shelf, in a marked box, or something like that. So if Paramount has tossed or recorded over, they still might have some of the show's music.

  88. Story of A Woman (John Williams)

  89. Taras Bulba (Franz Waxman)

  90. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Brad fiedel)
    The newly remastered CD release poses the same contents as before, because reportedly the master tapes could not be found, and that Fiedel does not have a copy himself.
    When asked, Mr. Fiedel would not elaborate on the master tapes.

  91. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Tobe Hooper & Wayne Bell)

  92. Topaz (Maurice Jarre)
    Missing/possibly no longer exist.

  93. The Valley of Gwangi (Jerome Moross)

  94. Vertigo (Bernard Herrmann)
    Because the original elements didn't survive the last restoration.

    Story goes that the tapes were really fragile and, even after baking, were disintegrating as they were going through the digitisation machine.

    Does anyone feel like cheering after reading that?

  95. Village and Children of the Damned (Ron Goodwin)

  96. Volunteers (James Horner)
    Missing. In a July, 2012 interview with Underscores, Intrada (Roger) said they may have found the masters.

  97. Walkabout (John Barry)
    Masters missing.

  98. The Waltons (Jerry Goldsmith)
    Stated by Lukas in early December/late November 2010:
    Probably not: the show is owned by Warner Bros. but comes from the Lorimar library and there do not appear to be any music masters. We checked. Sorry!


  99. Watership Down (Angela Morley; Malcolm Williamson)
    Supposedly the master tapes no longer exist and all there is is the album master, with the dialogue. :-(
    Malcolm Williamson, the first composer on the film, whom in an interview the late Morley said recorded about 11 minutes of score (saying it was all kept), may have done so elsewhere, so the tapes for his music may still exist.

  100. White Heat (Max Steiner)
    Stated by Ray Faiola on March 10, 2015 at the Film Score Monthly message board:
    Nope. WHITE HEAT is gone. A shame, too, since Max revived motifs from ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES, which is also completely gone. Thankfully Morgan and Stromberg did a fine suite from WHITE HEAT, including the wonderful staircase run that Max imported from ANGELS.

  101. Zeppelin (Roy Budd)

  102. Zulu (John Barry)